Practice Areas

Army court-martial defense and Army administrative actions are two areas of the law that require an attorney with extensive experience.  By limiting his practice to these areas, Mr. Coombs can maintain a high level of knowledge in the laws, procedures and trends that affect your case.  Mr. Coombs will use that knowledge to obtain the very best possible outcome for you.

Mr. Coombs can help you with any of the following:


Court-Martial Appeals

Administrative Separation Boards

Show-Cause Boards

Grade Reduction Boards

Article 15s


Flight Evaluation Boards

Physical Evaluation Boards

Medical Evaluation Boards

Army Review Board Agency Actions

  • Army Board for Correction of Military Records
  • Army Discharge Review Board
  • Army Grade Determination Review Board

Clemency and Parole Boards

Security Clearance Revocations

Navigating a court-martial, a board proceeding, or an adverse administrative action is a complicated manner.  Mr. Coombs excels in anticipating and reacting to legal maneuvering and changing circumstances.  His ability to accomplish this comes from years of field-tested experience in courtrooms and board proceedings all over the world.


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